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Gentex’s HomeLink Brand Expands To Provide Smart Home & Security Systems

ZEELAND, Mich., Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today at the International Builders’ Show, Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX) announced the launch of HomeLink Smart Home Solutions, a comprehensive, curated suite of smart home products all controlled and monitored by a single app. The overall goal is to help unite the worlds of car connectivity and home automation into a single, seamless ecosystem.

Gentex is a technology company and a long-time supplier of electro-optical products for the global automotive, aerospace, fire protection, and medical industries. It’s best known for supplying nearly every major automaker with connected-car technologies and advanced electronic features that optimize driver vision and enhance driving safety.

Gentex’s HomeLink product is the auto industry’s leading car-to-home automation system, consisting of vehicle-integrated buttons for operating garage doors, estate gates, home lighting, and a myriad of additional home automation devices. HomeLink is offered by automakers on hundreds of vehicle models around the world, with an estimated 110 million units on the road today.

“Over the years, we’ve been expanding HomeLink’s functionality in order to continually enhance its appeal, utility, and value to our automaker customers and end users alike,” said Gentex Chief Technology Officer Neil Boehm. “The addition of smart home and security devices to our product offering is a natural evolution of the HomeLink platform.”

Today’s smart home and security market is fragmented, with many consumers frustrated by compatibility issues and the challenge of managing multiple device platforms. To alleviate these issues and provide a seamless user experience, Gentex is partnering with Alarm.com, an award-winning smart home and business security platform offering security, video, intelligent home automation, energy management, and wellness solutions.

“One of the biggest pain points in setting up a smart home is getting all the individual devices to work together,” said Boehm. “By partnering with Alarm.com, HomeLink Smart Home Solutions will now include Alarm.com’s comprehensive suite of integrated products engineered to work together, professionally configured to be controlled and monitored from a single app.”

To further bridge the worlds of car connectivity and home automation, Gentex is developing the HomeLink Smart Home Connector, which when installed in the home, will allow HomeLink Smart Home Solutions customers to control home automation devices from their HomeLink-equipped vehicle. Gentex plans to add the HomeLink Smart Home Connector to its HomeLink Smart Home Solutions product lineup later this year.

Gentex is currently working with home builders to provide smart home packages for new home construction, as well as providing options directly to consumers. From the HomeLink web site, consumers can either purchase starter HomeLink Smart Home Solutions packages for DIY installation, or work with a HomeLink consultant to build a custom package and have it installed professionally.

Managed and organized by the National Association of Home Builders, the International Builders’ Show (IBS) is the largest annual light construction show in the world. This year’s show takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, February 27-29. Gentex’s IBS exhibit can be found in the LVCC West Hall, booth W3619.

In addition to the launch of HomeLink Smart Home Solutions, Gentex’s IBS booth will feature an overview of the company’s commercial and residential fire protection products, including PLACE, a new line of smart home products that blends safety, comfort, and security features into one sophisticated system.

The PLACE portfolio of smart-home solutions is being designed to address the nuanced safety requirements of various home spaces. The base Any Space unit is perfect for any location in the home, providing smart smoke and carbon monoxide detection and Wi-Fi connectivity for space-specific alerts. The system’s versatility is further demonstrated through specialized units for the kitchen, nursery, and garage, each equipped with additional safeguards like gas and VOC detection, room-monitoring cameras, intercoms, and temperature and humidity sensing.

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Alarm.com is the leading platform for the intelligently connected property. Millions of consumers and businesses depend on Alarm.com’s technology to manage and control their property from anywhere. Its platform integrates with a growing variety of Internet of Things (IoT) devices through apps and interfaces. The company’s security, video, access control, intelligent automation, energy management, and wellness solutions are available through a network of thousands of professional security and smart home service providers in North America and around the globe. Alarm.com’s common stock is traded on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol ALRM. For more information, please visit alarm.com.

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Founded in 1974, Gentex Corporation (Nasdaq: GNTX) is a technology company and long-time supplier of electro-optical products for the global automotive, aerospace, fire protection and medical industries. The company uses its core competencies in microelectronics, glass processing, chemical development, sensing, and more, to innovate electronic products that enhance vision, safety, and connectivity. To learn more, visit www.gentex.com.

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Founded in 1974, Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX) is a supplier of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors and electronics to the automotive industry, dimmable aircraft windows for aviation markets, and fire protection products to the fire protection market. Visit the company website at www.gentex.com.