2022-04-04 07:00Blog post

New Overland-Themed Vehicle Build Lookbook

At the 2021 SEMA automotive aftermarket show in Las Vegas, Gentex debuted yet another incredible vehicle build consisting of an overland-themed Chevrolet Silverado and matching Vorsheer XOC trailer. In addition, we worked with local West Michigan-based custom car builder, Label Motorsports, to help unveil their C8 Corvette that featured a unique forged carbon fiber widebody kit.

We often get asked why Gentex – a tech company and supplier of advanced automotive electronics – executes custom vehicle builds. The answer is simple. Because even though we’re known for advanced electronic technology, it’s our ability to seamlessly integrate features according to customer specs and design language that helps set us apart. In short - these builds serve to highlight our advanced prototyping capabilities.

In addition, these vehicles have a long life after the show. They feature heavily in Gentex photo shoots, videos, and capabilities brochures. They travel to customer expos and technology events. They feature prominently in employee recruitment activities and local community events such as parades, festivals, and car shows. To put it simply - they act as a portable billboard and transportable tech show.

If you need to integrate advanced electronic tech for automotive (or any industry, really) consider Gentex. We’d love to put our tech features and prototyping skills to work for you.

Check Out Our Overland-Themed Lookbook


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