2021-11-30 08:00Blog post

Gentex Team Member Finds New Career Path with Launch of Spanish-Speaking Program

Myrna Meyer knows firsthand how challenging it can be to not speak the native language of the country you are living in. She came to the United States only knowing how to speak Spanish. Now, she’s bilingual and part of the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) project team devoted to promoting jobs at Gentex on our new Spanish-speaking manufacturing lines.

Meyer has been at Gentex for 15 years. She started in the glass manufacturing area and has held various roles such as a Production Team Member, Auditor, Team Member Support, and 200% Inspection.

Throughout her time at Gentex, she has built an outstanding reputation as a dedicated employee and friendly co-worker. When she heard about the LEP pilot program, she knew she wanted to be a part of it.

“I wanted the opportunity to help the Hispanic Community and Gentex,” she said. “I have the chance to apply the knowledge and experience I have gained here in the company to help others grow and build a career they are proud of.”

The change from working in production to working in Human Resources was drastic but satisfying for Meyer. Her new role as a Training Specialist gives her the chance to meet with different people from the community and support many Human Resources services.

“One day I am helping with onboarding, the next day I could be meeting with a local restaurant owner, or I may be representing the company at a festival or recruiting fair,” Meyer explained.

Meyer's favorite part of her new position is getting the chance to positively impact the Hispanic Community.

“I am grateful for the experiences I have gained working in so many different places for Gentex and because of this program, I am now in a position to help other people experience all the benefits of being a part of Team Gentex!"

Meyer’s main goal for the LEP program is to see it continue to grow and expand. She would also love to see the program add other languages to create new opportunities for people in West Michigan.  

“I believe that you set your own limits. I am a person who came to this country without knowing how to speak English and I’m proud of where I am today in my career. I want to inspire people to become what they want to be.”


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